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What is Rotary?

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million friends and problem-solvers who make lasting change in communities at home and abroad. While the over 35,000 clubs worldwide are each independent, the Rotary network provides opportunities to MAGNIFY individual efforts, though grants and joint programs.

If YOU have a passion a Rotary club can help you achieve your goal more easily. 

Do I need to join a club to be involved?

No, simply contact us to discuss your interests. A few ideas are on our  Give a Hand page

How do I become a member?

Just contact us, have a chat about options for getting involved, or attend a dinner meeting and see how friendly everyone is. No need to feel obligated - and your first meal is on us! 

What are the qualifications for membership?

Membership is open to any adult who wishes to participant in our community service activities.

How does Ku-ring-gai Rotary fund its services

We raise money in many ways - Gordon Markets, Bobbinhead Cycle Classic, barbeques, theatre nights, etc. All money raised is used for charitable purposes. We volunteer our time thus ensuring there are no overheads other than direct expenses in organising the activity. 

All Rotary Clubs run two separate accounts: A Club Account which is money we spend on ourselves and a Projects Account which is money we spend on charitable causes.

The Club Account receives money from members' annual fees, meal charges, social events and the like. Money spent on meals for members, Rotary International and district fees, social functions and minor things such as name badges all come from the Club Account. 

The Project Account receives income from fund raising activities and spends it purely on charitable projects and activities. Rotary is perhaps unique in that apart from direct expenses, Rotarian volunteers ensure there are no other overheads. 

What would my commitment be if I joined Ku-ring-gai Rotary?

Essentially, you would commit to being a useful member of the club to the extent of your abilities and the time you can spare. Many of our best projects come about because a member suggested it.

You may choose to:

  • join a committee and help manage a project or club activity
  • help organise a club social activity
  • help out at Gordon Markets occasionally, the FunRun, Bobbo, bbq etc  
  • help with some of the tasks that keep the club going
  • or, just offer a couple of hours of your time occasionally

Committees organise their activities either by phone/email, or arrive early to meet prior to a dinner meeting, or sometimes meet at a home or elsewhere over a coffee.

What is a Rotary dinner meeting?

We meet most Monday nights from about 6.30pm, enjoy a chat over a drink and sit down to a meal at 7.00pm, whilst enjoying the company of other members and guests. Current meal cost is $30.

Partners are always welcome so please feel free to bring yours along particularly if the guest speaker is of special interest. During dinner, a few “business” announcements are made, followed by a guest speaker (not every week) for about 20 minutes.

The meeting ends typically before 8.30pm. The dress code is smart casual.

How much does it cost to Join Ku-ring-gai Rotary?

No joining fee applies and the annual membership fee is currently $320 of which over half goes to Rotary International. New members pay a pro-rata portion of the membership based on the date of joining during the July to June Rotary year.

Our dinner meetings include a meal which currently costs $30. Drinks are available at bar costs.

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What is Rotary?