Club Projects: Our Philosophy

starfishAfter a massive storm, thousands of starfish were stranded on a beach and a little girl, seeing them stranded, began to throw them back into the water one by one.  As she did so an old man walked by.

"Little girl, little girl, can't you see there are thousands of starfish stranded. You'll never make a difference" he said.
"I can for this one" she replied, throwing another starfish back into the water.

This sums up our philosophy at Ku-ring-gai Rotary. Everywhere both locally and globally, there is need in the world and sometimes the challenges seem too great. However, by rolling up our sleeves we can make a whole host of small differences and those small differences add up.  With 35,000 Rotary clubs around the world, our network makes an amazing contribution to the wellbeing of people in our world.

We approach projects in two ways.  One is to donate money to other rotary projects, such as Rotary's EndPolioNow project, which is close to eradicating a major disease from the face of the planet. The other way is direct involvement, ranging from our projects that help to prevent youth suicide, to projects supporting local businesses. Along with with the Rotary Clubs of St Ives, Turramurra and Wahroonga, we run the annual Bobbin Head Cycle Classic event.  Ku-ring-gai is a very busy club with many projects with which our members can choose to be involved - and have fun in the process.

In the grand scheme of things, our contributions may seem small but we've made a difference to the lives of thousands.  Why not join us so that when asked if you made a difference, you too can say:

 "We did for this one!"

Supporting Youth

Projects to Encourage our Youth

We undertake projects that support the fundamental needs of Youth - explore our many programs 

Helping to Prevent Youth Suicide

Eagles RAPS located in Doonside is dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide by giving opportunities to young people from disadvantaged/dysfunctional backgrounds through education and the building of self-confidence.

Sausage Sizzle

Community projects

  • Gordon Markets
  • the Bobbo
  • community health
  • enhancing the lives of people with disabilities
  • local schools
  • supporting local businesses 

we are involved in lots... 

Supplying water to remote villages


From supplying water to remote villages, to helping rid the world of polio...
BHCC riders at West head

Bobbinhead Cycle Classic

A major annual fundraiser for LifeLine, held annually in March.

Why not Volunteer to have a bit of fun helping out on the day for a couple of hours?


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